Damien Pepper

Damien has been in the IT industry for over 25 years, so it’s safe to say this is undoubtedly his area of expertise. He spends most of his time advising businesses on how they should approach their technology needs by breaking down overwhelming ‘geek speak’ into understandable and straightforward English we all understand.  Damien is always looking for the next ‘big thing’ that could be the next technology solution for you and your business.

Shane Rajasinghe

Shane places customer satisfaction at the forefront of our organisation. With extensive IT industry experience, Shane understands the importance of delivering tailored solutions that meet our customers' needs. Formerly the 'king' of projects, he excels in collaborating closely with clients, upgrading their technology systems, and solving complex challenges. He values strong relationships, fosters collaboration, and drives innovation to create lasting partnerships. With Shane at the helm, our customers can expect unwavering dedication to their success and a trusted partner who goes above and beyond to address their needs.

Mo Khan

Nothing is too hard for Mo. He enjoys challenges as it brings the opportunity to learn and think ‘outside of the box’. Mo cares about customer satisfaction and managing their projects with a very close eye for details. He is passionate about exploring and learning about new technologies. Mo enjoys challenges as it brings the opportunity to learn and think ‘outside of the box’. Having many years’ experience in the IT sector, Mo appreciates working in a team, sharing knowledge and learning from others.

Jack Williams

Jack and his team of technicians are the “coal face” of the business, helping customers directly with all their IT needs with a “keep things simple” approach, removing unnecessary complexity wherever possible. Able to speak the common tongue with clients is one of his specialities, from the tech minded client right through to the non-tech savvy, he is able to resolve and explain any IT needs offering not just individual services but a holistic and pragmatic approach to delivering solutions.

Jordan Lumley

Jordan will usually be your first point of contact on the phones when you call. He often spends the day sorting out all those little hiccups that happen with technology, including password resets and granting user access. If Jordan cannot sort out a problem, he will find someone who can. He will dispatch urgent jobs to other technicians, making sure any issues are resolved ASAP.

Christian Corpuz

Christian has worked in the IT industry for more than 5 years and has 2 years’ experience working in an MSP environment. He supported many clients in this role, and has great customer service skills. Christian continues to develop his skills and experiences in IT, enjoying the challenges along the way.

Rich (Richel) Gamal

Rich has worked in the IT industry for more than 7 years and has extensive experience in Office 365. She loves learning new things and extending her skills. Rich has been responsible for providing second level end user support for computer systems (both software and hardware). Her goal is to always give the best service to a customer and alleviate their stress. She likes them to know they are valued and that she understands the importance of their request.

Jo Harlow

Jo is the one behind all the blog posts, emails and social media posts we put out. You’ll occasionally catch her picking up incoming calls and helping dispatch them to appropriate technicians. She loves creating graphics for DSP IT Solutions documents and posts to keep them fresh and engaging. If you see something you like on our social media or website, let us know or give us a like – Jo loves hearing feedback.

Mark Baldillo

Mark has worked in the sales industry for 5 years and enjoys building strong relationships with clients. He thrives on honesty and integrity and knows it means he is more likely to retain their business in the long run because of this. He likes the constantly evolving sales landscape, and adapting accordingly. If he learns something new, that will be the favourite part of his day.